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Company Information

 Our office is based in Hong Kong. Our company has two factories in China. One factory is on sculptures. The other is on oil paintings. The two factories have a combined work force of over 120 people.

 Our company can produce different grades original oil paintings, wooden sculptures and stone sculptures. We have many renowned artists who specialize their skills for the production of these products. As such, we are fully confident that we can provide quality products and can offer competitive prices for different price range.

 In the sculpture arts field, our artists have either been awarded in the sculpture arts festival or have been reported in the renowned art magazine, the Fu-Jian Sculpture Art Collection published in 1990. Two of their works have been placed in the People’s Congress in Beijing. Many other works are collected by Art Centers and Museums. The quality of the sculptures and paintings are guaranteed.

 We are able to produce the original oil paintings and sculptures in art form but we only ask for craft price range. Our customers get satisfaction at both ends. We will be happy to serve our customers needs with mutual benefits in mind. Please read this website and we will be at your service at the command of your clicks.


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